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All Terrain Crane Hire Brisbane Residents Can Rely On

In need of reliable all terrain crane hire services? In that case, come and have a look at our fleet at Drift Crane Hire, one of the city’s leading equipment and crane hire service providers. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve served numerous clients who hired our services for a variety of construction and development projects. Call our crane hire company in Brisbane to learn about our crane fleet and hire our certified operators for your project’s lifting jobs.

About The Drift Crane Hire Company

We’ve been servicing the Gold Coast since our founding in 2017 and offer emergency crane hire around the clock. Our team operates seven days a week to provide rigging solutions for heavy lifting jobs. Primarily, we offer all-terrain, franna cranes, and city cranes for hire in Brisbane.

We have a team of experts that can assist clients across the city to help them meet project deadlines within a specific budget. Our commitment to safety means that we comply with local safety standards and regulations. Looking for a crane hire? Get in touch with us for professional advice and a free quote!

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Why Hire An All-Terrain Crane? 

When you need a crane to travel on public roads as well as rough terrain, this type of crane may be your best option. They’re extremely useful for projects that aren’t limited to a single area and need to move materials between job sites. Our typical all terrain model combines the mobility of a mobile crane hire and the rugged durability of rough terrain cranes. 

We have a wide range of cranes available. The Drift Crane Hire fleet includes multiple cranes, and most of them have a telescopic boom that can extend using a hydraulic mechanism. They have an impressive reach and lift capacity, so they’re just what your next project needs. 

Some of the common reasons why clients choose our all terrain cranes include: 
  • The site has limited road access 
  • There are multiple ground levels on one location
  • The area is prone to unpredictable weather conditions
  • The project is based in a remote location 
  • There are varying ground densities in one location 

Selecting the right type of crane depends on your lift requirements, the height that you’re working on, and additional environmental factors. 

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All Terrain Crane Hire With Certified Operators

Our team is well-equipped to handle lift planning on different types of projects. All our crane operators are highly trained and fully qualified in accordance with local requirements. They are also knowledgeable about the city’s building codes and construction site safety standards, which ensures compliance with city and state regulations. 

Thanks to regular training, they can ensure better manoeuvrability for on-site and off-road applications. They specialise in operating cranes with different reaching and lifting capacities, which allows them to adapt to changing project requirements. 

Our Fleet Allows Mobility and Access on the Job Site

Our operators and customers use this crane to tackle different weather conditions and types of terrain. These cranes can reach a location independently and don’t require assembly, which ensures quick job completion. We offer all terrain crane hire Brisbane residents can confidently choose.

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Great Lifting and Reaching Capacity

When your project needs high-capacity lifting solutions with better reach, a slewing crane hire is a suitable option. And if you need greater lifting capacity, you can always speak to one of our experts about hiring a crane that can meet these requirements. 

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Suitable for Various Conditions

Many of our clients have opted for this crane because of its ability to work in areas with limited road access. They can move on public roads when the need arises, unlike crawler cranes. They also move on sand, gravel, and ground, as well as in unpredictable weather. 

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Efficient Road-Worthy Cranes

Because of their all-wheel suspension steering system, these cranes are easy to manoeuvre along roads. All terrain cranes are ready to use as soon as they arrive at the construction site. Because the telescopic boom is integrated into the design, there's no need for assembly. So, when your project requires moving heavy loads at high levels across long distances, an all terrain crane in Brisbane is the perfect choice. 

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We bring our core values of loyalty, integrity, foresight and excellence into everything we do, striving to always be better. With our range of all-purpose cranes serving clients throughout the Greater Brisbane area, we look to cover up with a successful story polished with excellence.

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