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Drift Crane Hire is a family-owned crane hire company that offers services in the Greater Brisbane, Queensland area. With over 25 years of experience, our trained specialists are some of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the industry. We operate regionally and incorporate local knowledge and equipment whenever we’re hired for Franna and city crane hire.


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With many new developments and civil projects coming up in Logan City each year, more companies need mobile cranes. If you are working on a residential, commercial, industrial, or construction project of any kind, you need the right type of crane for your job. Lifting material and transporting it from one location to location is an integral part of many projects, and a Franna crane can make this task much easier. A mobile crane hire can travel short distances with the cargo they have lifted, even along public roads. Find a company that offers reliable Franna crane hire in Byron Bay if you want to make sure you have the right crane for such work.

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Mobile Franna Crane Hire in Brisbane

Drift Crane Hire is a renowned company that offers reliable crane services in the Greater Brisbane area. As the leading crane hire company, we are an experienced company that consistently maintains our equipment so that clients can expect consistent quality when doing business with us. We also have highly trained team of crane operators who specialise in using the machinery in accordance with the city's safety codes. Our fully trained professionals can use cranes of different sizes on construction sites with efficiency and ease. To learn more about our Franna crane hire services or to receive details on any of our cranes, feel free to get in contact with us today. You can speak to one of our industry experts to make an informed decision.

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Professional and Experienced Crane Operators

When hiring rigging services, you want to ensure that the personnel operating the crane have relevant experience and are licenced to do so. After all, you wouldn't want a pilot flying a plane if they didn't have the credentials to do so. Here at Drift Crane Hire, our team is trained to operate cranes of all types, whether they're big or small. Depending on the job site, our skilled operators can manoeuvre whatever size crane you need. Having operated in the industry for over 15 years, our experts understand clients' needs when completing a construction or assembly project. We also use the latest equipment and adhere to strict safety standards for efficient performance and quicker outcomes.

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Leading Crane Hire in Queensland

We're a reliable crane company that offers different crane options to meet clients' specific project requirements. Over the years, we have become the top choice for Franna hire Brisbane locals frequently approach for their needs. Because of the Franna crane's compact size, it's sought after for various kinds of projects. Also known as pick and carry cranes, they're usually used in rigging and lifting operations on a manufacturing or construction site. As a leading Brisbane crane hire service, we only offer clients the most comprehensive lifting solutions. Our fleet includes regularly maintained cranes that work at high speeds to get the job done quickly and in the safest way possible. 

Our Fleet of Mobile Cranes

As Brisbane’s top Franna hire company, we have a variety of cranes in our fleet. The variety of options make us capable of catering to your specific requirements. Our fleet includes big and small crane sizes based on the intensity of pick and carry jobs. It includes: 

  • Franna cranes, which combine the lifting capacity of a crane and the mobility of a truck 
  • All-terrain cranes, which can handle difficult terrain and heavier lifts
  • City cranes, which provide services on job sites with limited access 

Unsure of what crane you need? We are Franna hire Brisbane residents can trust for their needs. You can speak to one of our experts about your project. We can recommend a suitable crane for your manufacturing or construction project. 

Our talented and trained operators also have the skills to use the right crane needed to complete your project. We ensure that all our equipment is maintained and cared for with the highest attention to detail. Our industry knowledge of current workplace health and safety requirements ensures that all our cranes are reliable and compliant. The safety of our customers is very important and a well-maintained machine is crucial to successful projects.

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We bring our core values of loyalty, integrity, foresight and excellence into everything we do, striving to always be better. With our range of all-purpose cranes serving clients throughout the Greater Brisbane area, we look to cover up with a successful story polished with excellence.

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