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With Drift Crane Hire thorough and detailed services, our clients find they can safely and efficiently tackle their heavy lifting and transport challenges. A full engineering team is available to provide support for all our operations. Our extensive crane hire Gold Coast experience in delivering engineered heavy lifting and transport projects to the Gold Coast region over 25 years has enabled us to build up a vast bank of knowledge and expertise. So our customers can rest assured that working with us they can benefit from a smooth, safe and more efficient operation.

Prioritising your needs

We start by listening and by listening, we learn. We focus on understanding our customers’ needs and treat each project like the unique opportunity it is. Likewise, we know that every customer has a choice in who they hire and why. We understand that we need to continually earn the right to have additional business. Are you preparing for an upcoming project that might be too tricky for a standard crane? At Drift Crane Hire, we provide easy and convenient crane hire Gold Coast including all-terrain crane rentals in Brisbane, QLD. If you’re not sure which model will be the ‘right tool for the job,’ our team can help point you in the right direction. Reach out with your crane questions today, or call us to set up a rental appointment.

Wide range of cranes

We view every project for what it is, a unique challenge and a critical component of our valued clients’ plans for success. This viewpoint enables us to consistently deploy the right solution, the right people, and the right equipment for every job. Drift Crane Hire operates a wide range of cranes, all of which can be configured to suit most types of lifting operation, from the versatile range to compact challenges, these models are ideally designed to accommodate the more challenging locations. All of these models boast the latest manufacturers design features.

We are fully aware that there is no margin for error on our clients’ critical projects.  As such, everything we do is carefully planned, reviewed, and communicated to our skilled field personnel to ensure safe and efficient execution of our work.  Whether a nationally recognised corporation, a major domestic operator, or a private individual, our clients nationwide turn to us for crane hire Gold Coast solutions on the most challenging and complex projects every day.

When you own a business that only requires heavy lifting now and then, hiring crane services is a more cost-effective solution than owning a crane. However, city crane hire services present the challenge of choosing among a wide variety of crane service providers. Projects that need crane services need precision and utmost skilfulness. You, therefore, have to consider a few factors when choosing crane hire Redland City for an ideal crane service provider to entrust your projects.

New-age crane hire services

Through continuous provision of excellent levels of service and continuous investment in our crane hire services, the company has grown and developed into one of the leading service providers in Brisbane. We specialise in delivering accuracy when it comes to crane hire services. Drift Crane Hire has many long-standing contracts with major contractors and key sub-contractors. Our loyal customer base is expanding across Brisbane and other surrounding areas. We will continue to grow our supply of services into new and exciting industries.

So regardless of the type of project, you are working on, our cranes for hire can make your life much easier. Our crane hiring services offer a full range of cranes, as listed below, to fit the needs of your project. We aim to make your project as simple as possible throughout the whole process, city crane hire has never been simpler than with Drift Crane Hire.

Experienced staff at your service

We at Drift Crane Hire ensure that the correct crane is supplied to suit the intended task. When required or when our clients are in doubt we attend the site of the proposed work to ensure that the most suitable crane is provided. We evaluate the site for access, lifting reach, crane positing, etc. We can provide an experienced and qualified personal for crane hire Redland City to be based on your site, either full time or part time to review your projects total cranage and lifting needs and in conjunction with yourself. The intent is to develop and implement a schedule and program that ensures the most efficient use of resources with respect to cranage and lifting requirements.

The target work that we pursue in this area are projects that have a high percentage of crane usage requirements. Our experience in this area is very extensive as we have worked for multiple individual clients and brands in QLD. We can provide all items of equipment including scissor lifts, cherry pickers, mobilization transport, site facilities, etc.

You may be debating on whether to purchase your own crane, or whether crane hire is the best option for you. There are a range of reasons why crane hire Moreton Bay is a worthy contender. When you choose to opt for our crane hiring services, you are provided with increased flexibility, in many ways. Not only can you choose the duration of the crane hire period, you have the option to select the best crane on a project to project basis, meaning that you have access to the most suitable crane from our incredibly vast selection of cranes for hire, each and every time.

Modern technology

You also have access to the latest technology, without having to go through the hassle of selling and buying new cranes regularly. Health and safety is another benefit that comes with crane hire. It is the responsibility of the crane hire Moreton Bay to ensure that all equipment is safe to use and regularly serviced, maintained and that repairs are carried out when necessary. This means that you can have the added peace of mind that everything is taken care of and you do not need to worry.

Inexpensive crane hire services

We’ve got you covered when it comes to affordable crane hire services. At Drift Crane Hire, we have the largest and most modern fleet of lifting equipment available, giving us the ability to manage special equipment and lifting requests. When you hire cranes with us, you will receive a professional service, specialist assistance and the top resources, ensuring that the duration of your lease goes as smoothly as possible. Our zero accident safety culture, professional expertise and flawless services, is unsurpassed within the industry.

Extensive crane hire services

Drift Crane Hire specialises in crane hire solutions across Brisbane. Our servicing areas include Moreton Bay along with Logan City, Gold Coast, Redland City and others. We offer many types of crane hire Moreton Bay from the most trusted, high-quality brands available in Australia. Our company is an Australian owned and operated hirer of mobile cranes with over 25 years of industry experience. We operate an extensive fleet of mobile cranes backed by a team of highly skilled and fully qualified supervisors, crane operators, riggers and support technicians.

If you need a crane rental service, you want to choose a company that has knowledge, experience, a good track record and a well-serviced fleet of machines. To help you narrow down your search for the best crane hire Logan, we’ve selected nine important things for you to consider:


The first thing you should consider is whether the company adheres to safety rules and standards. The company should have insurance for their employees in case an accident happens on-site. If they don’t, they may be unable to compensate you for damages, meaning you may have to pay for them yourself.

The steps the company takes in the event of an accident are important to consider. You don’t want to risk hiring a commercial crane rental service that doesn’t have complete insurance coverage from a trusted insurance company. When considering options, ask or look for a crane hire Logan with complete insurance.

You can also ask about the operators’ training requirements. The operators should be able to provide their credentials. Once you obtain these credentials, compare them with those of other crane services you’re considering. Our operators all have a Crane Operator License, and their combined experienced totals over years. Whereas many organizations experience accidents every few months, at Drift Crane Hire, we have been accident-free since our inception.


When speaking with a company, one of your first impressions comes from how fast they respond to you. This includes how fast they answer your emails, return your calls and provide you estimates. Prompt responsiveness in these areas is a sign they care. If a company is responding to its customers in a timely manner, you can expect the rest of your experience may follow suit as you move forward with your project.


Like responsiveness, timeliness is another sign of a company’s professionalism and its care for its customers. If a company provides an estimate when they say they will or arrives at the work site before the scheduled time so they can set up, there’s a good chance they can keep your project moving in other ways as well. At Drift Crane Hire, we are known for being prompt and courteous of other’s time.

Here at Drift Crane Hire, we are proud to offer high-quality crane hire Logan, Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Our crane hire solutions are suitable for multiple purposes including construction, industrial, utilities, rail, and events.

One specialized area within the equipment industry is crane operation, and it can be a rewarding career. Most heavy equipment operators enjoy the frequent change in scenery and work site conditions. Learn more about crane hire Ipswich and their job description, like typical job responsibilities, what industries you may seek work in and how to become a crane operator with or without certification.

Crane operator responsibilities

Crane operators are heavy equipment operators whose training or work background explicitly focuses on operating a crane. Cranes are a type of heavy machinery that workers use to lift and transport supplies, materials, platforms or other workers to complete a project. A crane operator may have focused training on specific types of cranes or may work with various crane machines, depending on the job or employer.


Operation refers to the steps you take to use your machine, including controlling the crane and its speed, movement, direction and position. When it comes to crane hire Ipswich, you will need to know how to lift and lower on all terrain types. Operation includes following all signals and instructions provided by coworkers, clients, employers or site managers.


While most crane operators aren’t responsible for major repairs or part replacements, part of operating your machine is understanding how each component works, so you know if something’s wrong. You will need to practice basic machine maintenance, including part inspection, and stay informed about service alerts or routine service appointments. You may also be responsible for determining whether specialized crane equipment, like a higher-than-average mast, is needed for a specific task.

Depending on the assignment, you will probably be required to maintain work logs at the end of each shift or week. Additional paperwork includes securing and requesting necessary materials, equipment or services to complete your job by an established deadline.

Drift Crane Hire

The heart and soul of Drift Crane Hire comes down to one thing and one thing only: helping people. You, our customer, are who we design all our services and technologies around and you have inspired the philosophy that is built around you. This philosophy is behind everything we do. It’s what defines us as crane hire Ipswich and is what sets us apart in the industry. It’s what enables us to personally connect with each and every one of our rental partners and customers. This mind-set is what continues to propel our company, and our brand, as the go-to source for your equipment rental solutions.

Our specialized rigging crew has experience moving industrial grade manufacturing robotics, injection mold machines and medical lab equipment of all shapes and sizes. We specialize in crane hire Brisbane and moving equipment in & around confined spaces, with great capabilities. Whatever the application, Drift Crane Hire is up for the challenge. We believe that to be truly successful in business and in life, we must always be honest and open with our customers. We operate in a clear and transparent way 100% of the time. We do not and will not compromise on the truth. We will always tell you the way it is no matter what.

Modern fleet with state-of-the-art equipment

A fleet of new modernized tractors supports our equipment fleet and provides robust hauling services within the state of Queensland. For more specialized transportation, we have employed reputable local transportation experts, capable of keeping you on the move, anytime and anywhere. Our partnerships throughout the state with reputable and experienced heavy haul contractors allow Drift Crane Hire to provide the most hassle-free Brisbane crane hire, point-to-point machinery and equipment moving services available in our market. We are committed to providing site-to-site, full service, turn-key crane, rigging and hauling services backed by a reliable professional team of experts.

Premium crane hire services

Our crane service provides you with the resources to complete your projects, on time and under budget. What makes us stand out from other crane companies is the dedication to providing a high-quality service, offering specialist expertise throughout the entirety of your lease agreement. Drift Crane Hire is able to cater to a wide range of requests and requirements to improve the efficiency of your projects. When you hire crane and hauling equipment with Drift Crane Hire, we offer you the utmost safety along with project completion.

Safety always prioritised

Our goal has always been the safety of our people when it comes to crane hire Brisbane, our clients, the public, and the environment. We do not just say this, we believe it. Our Safety Culture is the guiding principle for our company, and it serves as the foundation of our success. Our company’s stellar safety record, backed by some of the best safety ratings in the industry, attest to our commitment to safety.

We view every project for what it is, a unique challenge and a critical component of our valued clients’ plans for success.  This viewpoint of Brisbane crane hire enables us to consistently deploy the right solution, the right people, and the right equipment for every job. Our customers know when they call

crane hire brisbane


We bring our core values of loyalty, integrity, foresight and excellence into everything we do, striving to always be better. With our range of all-purpose cranes serving clients throughout the Greater Brisbane area, we look to cover up with a successful story polished with excellence.

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